1. The constellation on the floor's
    shaped like a cup cause I adore
    Italian coffee just as much
    as all the stars over whom I've pored.

  2. “the foam on my tongue”

    I can't stand-
    how the black liquid leaves
    its trace
    on my teeth,
    taking the place of your
    which I haven't tasted since last year.

  3. I particularly like 'the foam on my tongue,' which I find quite sadly despondent. It makes me feel that the beautiful past has been stained by the person's absence and left a black memory. Many thoughts in a succinct form.

  4. a bunch of nerves
    and raw nausea from throwing up.
    i think you've run out.

    because when you wake up
    and it's the raw, scratchy feeling in the back of your throat
    the coffee stained in each unforgiven artery

    you'll hit the floor,

    & the stars will come colliding with your eyes.

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